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Car Radio Antenna To Coax Adapter

This car radio aerial can be used to convert 20cm male coax into iso plugs for your vehicle. The male coax length is 41585 and can be converted to female coax by abundant nearby iso plugs. This make it the perfect accessory for your vehicle.

Car Radio Antenna To Coax Adapter Target

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Car Radio Antenna To Coax Adapter Amazon

This car radio antennas is a great for connecting your phone's audio and speaker to your car. The car radio antenna will connect to your car's phone jack and give you the audio and speaker a clear voice. This car radio antenna is accredited by the car radio association and is a style socket for motorola car radios. this car radio antenna to coax adapter is for using with car audio systems such as sirius coax satellite radio and compatible devices. This adapter allows you to extend the range of your car radio signals to other areas in your home or office. It's a 20-foot cable so it will work with a wide range of cars. this car radio aerial antenna is for the coax adapter ledin 41585 socket and is compatible with the world's most popular car radios. You can enjoy clear audio without having to worry about signal strength orereo. It has an. The adapter is easy to use and is perfect for car enthusiasts and those who want to increase their signal range.