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Classic Car Radio Conversion

Introducing the Classic car radio Conversion kit! This kit includes both the need to connect the car radio and all the features of the original car stereo! Yd- compatible and works with Classic cars from the 1950 s on, the car radio comes with an 5. 1 digital audio system that features both an am and fm radio system, a car speaker, and a cassette ride-by-wire system, the car radio also includes a dual usb voice control system and a bluetooth carplay system. The car radio is compatible with all Classic cars from the 1950 s on.

How To Convert A Car Radio For Home Use

Transfer the radio files to your computer, to do: 1. Transfer the car radio files to your computer, to transfer: 1. To do: 1, our car radio converter is an exceptional solution for your needs. It converts you r7 touchscreen car bluetooth hands-freefm radio to a hands-free video and audio radio station for your mp5 player, it also includes a built-in filter for removing audio noise. Our car radio is facile to handle with 7 touch screen, car-by-car control to help keep you connected to your friends and family, this car radio is an 2 din 7 car mp4 player auto media player usb bluetooth fm audio car radio. It will convert your old car radio to a bluetooth audio car radio that you can use with your phone, tablet or computer, it comes with a battery and an automatic settings to make using your car radio easy. This is a car radio converter that to makes for the 7 touchscreen car, it is a hands-free radio that uses bluetooth to connect to your phone. The converter also includes a mp5 player and usb to for use on the go.