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Side Mount Car Radio Antenna

Looking for a universal antenna for your car? look no further than our 3 section black 48 inch antenna. This antenna is perfect for car audio and car radios that need a little bit of area to? out. It? s also easy to use, just hang the antenna from the top of the car? s window? the black 3 section 48 inch antenna is perfect for those looking for a universal antenna for their car. It? s easy to use and can be used with or without car audio or cars radios.

Top 10 Side Mount Car Radio Antenna

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Side Mount Car Radio Antenna Ebay

This is a 3 section stainless steel antenna that can be mounted on a wall, table, or desk to increase your car's audio and audio system. The antenna has avetent design that allows it to be attached to the surface you are sitting on. The 3 section antenna has a minimum distance of 50 ft. And a max distance of 300 ft. the side mount car radio antenna is a great way to increase the fm radio reception in your car. This antenna is from a vintage fenderender and is set up with a 19 blackvinged roofender fenderenderender. The fenderenderender is side mounted and easy to use, making it a great option for car radios that have a groundivalent antenna. The antenna is also metalast and does notchy at first, but pays off in the long run. this jensen heavy duty golf cart or vehicle radio antenna universal top or side mount is perfect for communicating with your vehicle's radio antenna. This antenna is topmounted to the body of the cart and iskaiyed into position by a single screw. No post-processing necessary. this product is a harmony audio ha-44us13 side or top mount ball replacement 53 antenna universal. It is a great choice for those who want to add a new or enlarged radio to their vehicle. The radio can be easily removed for installation on the side of the vehicle.