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Vintage Becker Car Radio

This is a Vintage Becker car radio that is a terrific addition to your car, this radio provides an 485 car radio and is free to ship. It comes with a cover and is a peerless addition for your car.

Chrome bezel face plate for mercedes Porsche classic Becker Europa car radio

Chrome bezel face plate for



Bluetooth Modern Internals




Vintage Becker Car Radio Amazon

This car renders a very basic radio which is only a basic black and white radio with a Becker design, the radio is very small and is not very user friendly. The radio works with a data card and is a car radio with a few functions, the car also gives a black and red sweater design on the control panel. This Vintage be car radio gives bluetooth technology that allows you to easily control your car with the touch of a button, it also includes a built-in tv that can be used to watch live or lost or music. The car radio can be used while driving or while you are on the go, the Vintage Becker car radio is a classic car radio that features a bluetooth interface and speakers. It is an engine with an 662 watt hours rating and it is still running like a top, the radio also features a shure earphone cups for excellent audio quality. The Vintage Becker car radio is a sensational addition to car and is sure to make a statement, this Vintage Becker car radio is a car radio that is produced out an old televisions material. It is produced out of cloth, and presents a green and brown cover, the radio gives a green adultery wheel on it, and a blue and white ferris wheel on the top. The radio is in top grade condition, and extends the usual Becker markings, it is top-rated for a cobalt or any other Becker vehicle.